Cradlepoint 4G Wan Service

The adoption of cloud, mobile, IoT, and other technologies requires today’s networks to not only stay connected 24x7, but to expand, contract, adapt, move, and evolve as business needs dictate. These needs have made 4G LTE an essential WAN source as organizations look to address challenges such as speed-to-deployment, cost, and performance limitations.

​3 Ways Enterprises Use 4G LTE

In distributed branch locations, everything from POS devices and digital signage to security cameras and laptops need to be connected all the time. 4G LTE-enabled branch routers with dual-modem and dual-SIM options allow organizations to have Day-1 Internet while waiting for wired lines to be installed; use LTE as the primary or failover link; and leverage SD-WAN for dynamic, policy-based traffic steering.

4G LTE routers that are ruggedized and purpose-built for fleets provide secure, reliable wireless connectivity for police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances, buses, service trucks, boats, and more. Dual-modem options enable wireless-to-wireless failover and mobile SD-WAN, giving fleets the constant connectivity they need for GPS, sensors, telematics, surveillance cameras, WiFi, and other applications.

Today’s IoT deployments are anywhere and everywhere, giving organizations seemingly limitless potential to reap new business opportunities, streamline operations, and reduce costs. The diversity and widespread distribution of IoT calls for always-on WAN links, such as 4G LTE, that can be deployed or moved in days, not months—regardless of wired network availability.